Need a Property Manager?

Redefine Real Estate LLC can manage properties that we do not own on behalf of out-of-state or local property owners. If you have rental property in the North or East Phoenix/Scottsdale area, we would definitely be interested in talking to you about managing it for you.

Our fees are traditional property management fees, and we specialize in condos and multi-family properties. Location and type of building may determine if we can take on your property for management. We boast far higher occupancy rates than industry average, due to our care and committment to both owner & tenant needs. We also have methods to find tenants fast, thereby keeping your vacancy rates down. We are also pro-active to maintenance issues, reducing costs and headaches for owners.

So if you are looking for a property manager in the Phoenix area, CONTACT US so that we can discuss if this is a good fit for everyone.

What we can do

We can inspect your property and determine its suitability for rental. This is the first step. Our company is not a 'slum-lord' rental company, so we must first make sure your property meets both Arizona Landlord/Tenant statute requirements for rental, but also that its a good property that will keep tenants in there long term. This is critical because although many property managers will happily take your property to just add it to their listings, that's not going to help you out if they can't rent it.

Once the property is repaired and ready for rental (ie. paint, carpets, flooring, air conditioner, appliances, etc.) then we market it. We actively and heavily market property and although there are no guarantees, we normally have a back-log of tenants waiting for quality properties to become available, or we market heavily to get you tenants. We'll tell you what market rent is for your property and area, and typically vacancy level is determined by how you price the property to rent. Unlike buying & selling real estate, rental pricing is determined by supply & demand, employment levels and other factors. Items such as interest rates, property valuations, etc. have little or no relevance to rents in the Phoenix area.

We can do background checks on tenants (and we use extensive forensic investigation) yet we act in accordance with Arizona law and Fair Housing regulations. Our goal is to find a tenant that is not a headache, nor someone transient who isn't interested in living in your property long term, or has the financial means to pay their rent.

Once you have a tenant we will service the rental lease agreement, issue monthly statements, collect rents, and follow Arizona law for late payment, inspections and evictions.

What we cannot do

Under Arizona law, unless we are the property owners, we cannot represent you in court for any eviction or landlord/tenant legal claim. Therefore we will suggest an attorney that you can use, and will provide the attorney with all evidence, documentation, etc. to represent you successfully in court. You will deal directly with your attorney and their fees will be between you and them. Of course, its our goal that you won't have to go through this procedure, however its a fact of life in the rental process.

Payments, etc.

We charge a traditional management fee of 15% of the rents, and a lease origination fee ($500) to market and put a tenant in your property. You are responsible for any costs associated wth the repair & maintenance of your property along with any legal fees associated with the rental, and we can take rental income in trust from you to have a fund available to cover minor expensives. Each month we issue a statement to you for rents collected, and deposit your rents less our fees and costs, into your bank account either by check or ACH deposit. That way you will have your funds flowing in to meet mortgage, taxes, and other financial obligations associated with your property.