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Redefine Real Estate LLC is one of the ONLY property management companies that offer you the ability to apply to rent one of our properties online. Our integrated technology simplifies the process and makes it quick and easy so you can fill out your application any time, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and submit it electronically.

You will be required to physically sign your application form if you are approved, at the time of lease signing.

Some important things to note with Rental Applications:

  • A rental application form is a LEGAL document. All information must be disclosed and truthfully. Under Arizona law, providing false or misleading information on a rental application is subject to immediate eviction. We have evicted tenants who have provided false or misleading information on a rental application once the information found out after the fact has been deemed to be false.
  • ALL parties must be disclosed who are going to reside in the unit. Do not try and omit a party from the application and move them in later. You WILL be evicted for this. We monitor our properties and submit monitoring results as evidence for evictions in the case where a party is moved-into a unit but is not on the lease.
  • Pets must be fully listed. There is a pet cleaning fee associated with pets. Be sure to show all pets that will be residing in the unit, with full detail of breeds, etc. We do allow pets, but under certain circumstances only.
  • Filling out an application form is no guarantee of being approved. Paying your application fee is no guarantee of being approved.
  • We have a policy that will will NOT rent to applicants who have a felony criminal record. If you, or any party on the application, has any felonies DO NOT proceed with your application as it will not be approved. We do extensive forensic checks on criminal activity in all US states. Failure to disclose will be subject to immediate denial or later eviction.

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There is a $35 fee per applicant over the age of 18 for a rental application. You will be asked to pay this with credit/debit card at the completion of your application entry.

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