Moving to Phoenix?

Phoenix Arizona has always been a popular city to relocate to and continues to attract new residents today. With something to offer everyone, Phoenix is an ideal spot for relocation. If you are thinking about moving, consider a move to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona!

Phoenix is a city that has experienced incredible growth in recent years. The U.S. Census cited Phoenix as having the second-largest population growth in the 1990's. And with an incredible 475 square miles of land area, Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States in terms of its land area. Phoenix has a current population of around 3.5 million people.

Phoenix is nesteld in a valley of mountains, and is affectionately called "Valley of the Sun". Its a well organized city, without the hustle and bustle of most active metropolis regions. Phoenicians are typically laid back, friendly, with a touch of the "old wild west" still in their spirits.

Welcome to Arizona

Newcomers are drawn to the region's warm, dry climate that receives less than eight inches of rain annually. Aside from the occasional dust or thunderstorm during the winter and summer monsoon seasons, the weather allows golf, swimming and patio dining year-round. With nearly 200 golf courses dotting the landscape, golf rules in the recreational department. But amidst all that thirsty greenery still sits the Sonoran Desert's most obvious amenity - the naturally rugged, yet beautiful terrain.

Phoenix City

Business in Phoenix is booming! This region has attracted some of the world's largest technology companies to up and move here, including such names as Intel, Motorola, Honeywell and many, many others. Phoenix continues to dominate as a place for business because of its affordable housing, plentiful resources and access to world markets, without expensive taxation costs or other government tarrifs. Many businesses have found that they can prosper and grow in Phoenix, while being challenged to do so in other regions in the country.

And with this constant business migration to Phoenix, it brings in a regular flow of jobs for everyone. In comparison to other regions, Phoenix's unemployment rate is surprisingly lower than most parts of the country.

Commuting in Phoenix is a breeze. The city's easy freeway system, and logical road design makes it a place that is easy to navigate around and doesn't take long to get to know where everything is. And there is so much to find out about. The shopping is incredible and Phoenix has enjoyed a large amount of growth in business property development and succeeded in attracting almost all national retail businesses to have outlets in this growing city. Unemployment is down in Phoenix, and life is affordable and enjoyable here!

Shopping is one of the most incredible experiences in Phoenix. Although the most noticeable aspect of Phoenix is the growth of large retail businesses everywhere, there is still incredible finds in small businesses and cottage industries in Phoenix that can thrive here alongside their corporate counterparts. This is mainly because of the low cost of living in Phoenix and yet abundant resources available. One can spend a lifetime just discovering new 'whole in the wall' shops in the strangest places in Phoenix. Every day there is something new to find here.

Education is easily found and affordable. Arizona State University is the dominant college in Phoenix, but Phoenix has always been a traditional center of education, and is the home to the successful University of Phoenix. Colleges abound as well as excellent schools in the many school districts in Arizona.

And with a long history of stories of the wild west, abundant ghost towns all over Arizona and easy access to so many places of interest, day trips to wonderful tourist destinations, you'll never get bored in Phoenix.

Weather in Phoenix

Most people think of Phoenix Arizona as an arid, dry desert. Well yes, it is in the desert of south western USA. And like any desert climate, it can get hot in summer. But it shares much of the same desert climate that southern California has. It doesn't have the ocean on its coastline to keep coastal regions temperate like California, but the weather in Phoenix is not unlike inland regions of Southern California, such as Palm Springs.

Like those regions, Phoenix is a haven for winter tourism. Its boom time is between November and May, where it has incredibly polite and enjoyable winter climates. With mostly sunny days, Phoenix rarely sees its temperate drop below 40 degrees farehheit, and isn't affected by long periods of constant rain. But in the springtime, the desert blooms and comes alive with life and fun.

So if you are looking to escape brutal winters, Phoenix may be for you. Many Phoenicians escape the 3 months of hot summer and head to other locales as a part of their summer vacations. And then many just stay put and enjoy the sunshine (but keep mainly indoors). The choice is up to you. But the one thing that Phoenix really does offer is choice. Its paradise for most of the year, and that's what brings people here. The population of Phoenix is growing so fast, that its no wonder that its the 2nd fastest growing city in the United States!

The chart to the left shows the average monthly temperature of Phoenix, in comparison with San Diego, California. Although the temperatures are much hotter in the summer months, you can see that the average temperature is still well within the acceptible range for most people. Yes, we do get temperatures that can max out in the 110+ degree farenheit days in the middle of summer, but those days don't last for long, and then the temperature returns to a nice, pleasant sunny day again.

Phoenix is a favorite spot for 'Sun birds' or those that travel to Arizona in the winter months to escape shoveling snow or intense rain.

Its no wonder that Phoenix has the nation's largest number of golf courses per square mile.

Weather in Phoenix

Commuting in Phoenix

Whether you have to commute within the Phoenix city area, or between Phoenix and other cities, this is one of the best places in the world for transport. The freeway system of Phoenix is easy to understand and navigate around, has been well designed to handle the traffic demands of a big city like Phoenix, and even has been 'rubberized' in most major areas to reduce traffic noise to residents near the freeways but also to reduce the noise on the road to the driver of the car as well.

Phoenix has advantages in location. Not only is Arizona a border state with Mexico to the south, but its roadways are mainly through desert regions making it simple, flat and fast to get from city to city by car.

A drive to Los Angeles, for example, would typically take 5 hours from Phoenix. A drive to Las Vegas takes about 6 hours. A drive to Tucson is a 2 hour drive, while a drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico is about 8 hours. And with Colorado and Utah to the north, you have access to the most incredible and beautiful country and cities in the world.

And within 4 hours drive, you can get to the ocean. Yes, its not widely known but if you have a passport and are willing to drive into Mexico, the beautiful seaside resort town of Rocky Point on the Sea of Cortez is within easy reach from Phoenix.

Metro Downtown

If flying is more your style, you'll love Phoenix. The Sky Harbor International Airport is huge and yet easy to navigate through. Parking is designed to allow you to park covered, exit your car, walk a small distance to air conditioned buildings, elevators, etc. so that you'll get to your flight fast, with little or no 'intra-airport' problems. Sky Harbor is the home and hub to America West airlines, so travel is easy. Most major cities can be a non-stop flight from Phoenix. Even flights to London, England are often non-stop from Phoenix, as well as Honolulu, Hawaii!

Petrol prices in Arizona are traditionally cheaper than most states, and definately cheaper than its neighboring state California. Most travellers traveling betwen Arizona and Southern California will elect to fill up their tanks in Arizona due to the often 5-10% lower fuel prices here. And auto insurance is so much cheaper in Phoenix too.

Most people do carry bottled water in their cars for long, desert drives. It just makes sense to keep in mind that you are normally traveling through the arid desert regions of North America in Arizona, so it makes sense to keep water at hand. In fact its a law in the state of Arizona that if anyone asks you for water, you are obliged to give them water if you have it available. But with this desert lifestyle, surprisingly cars take less of a beating here in Phoenix. This is mainly because there is less 'stop/start' driving that you'll experience in other urban cities in North America. But still keep in mind that desert roads do tend to wear on tyres quickly so be prepared to keep your tyres in good condition here.

But if you ask any local here, you'll hear them say, "I sure don't miss the traffic in XXXXXX" (insert other city name in XXXXX) as most of them have bad memories about peak hour traffic, difficult commutes, hours and hours of time spent on the road, having to plan specific times of the day to leave for a weekend trip just to get out of town without stress, etc. But for most in Phoenix they are vague memories of days gone by now. We just don't have those problems here in Phoenix.