Welcome to Redefine Real Estate

We are glad you found us! Redefine Real Estate LLC is Phoenix's #1 property rental managers. Our properties are the highest quality and most reasonably priced rental properties in Phoenix. We have properties in many areas in Phoenix, all close to transport, shopping, restaraunts, schools and conveniences. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we want you as a tenant. So if you are fed up with dealing with a property management company that just doesn't care, rest assured we are NOT that company and you'll love to work with us.

We have no properties available for rent at this time.
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How do I rent one of these properties?

Its easy. Our rental requirements are pretty traditional. But the one thing that isn't traditional with us is the simplicity it is to get pre-approved for renting.

Our unique ONLINE rental application process makes it quick and easy to get approved for rentals. And you can do it right now, from the comfort of your web browser. The process takes less than five minutes and we will fast-track your processing so you know exactly where you stand BEFORE you invest all your time in looking at properties, not knowing if you would be approved to rent them.

What's the move-in cost?

Each property has a base level security deposit. Extra deposits may be required based on if you are bringing in pets to the property, or if there is any issue with credit or background checks that warrant further security. But the base level security deposit is pretty small. Our goal is to make it affordable for you to begin renting with us.

Will I qualify?

Everyone's situation is different. Although Redefine Real Estate LLC is an equal opportunity housing organization, there are times when we cannot approve a rental application. This typically occurs when an applicant has past evicitions (they show up on court records, so they are very visible to landlords), and/or has criminal history (incl. but not limited to felonies which appear on police and criminal records). If you fall into any of these categories, then an application is not likely to be approved. That said, if there are circumstances around these situations that you can explain (ideally with documentation from third parties), then it would be worth contacting us BEFORE you submit a rental application. We also look for a verifiable source of income (employment or pay stub records, bank statements, etc.).

We understand that not everyone has perfect credit. Its normal. If you are thinking that a bad credit rating may be holding you back, don't let that stand in your way. If you can show some form of financial responsibility (particularly to past rental obligations), we'll be very happy to see that. We want you to have the same level of care to your rental history and where you live as we have to the residence that we provide to our tenants.

What about tax?

Our properties reside in the City of Phoenix, and the City of Phoenix charge a 2% sales tax on rentals. Therefore you will be subject to an additional 2% sales tax on top of your rental prices that you see here. Just keep that in mind - its like buying anything at a store. They charge sales tax on your purchase, and so do we.

Renting for less than 12 months?

Sorry, but we don't have any way to offer a lease for less than a 12 month period of time. We don't offer periodic rentals. Our goal is to have a longer term relationship with our customers and a 12 month lease is the smallest period of time that we can rent for.